SKM Architects pursues architecture as a source of inspiration for the human spirit by striving to go beyond confidently fulfilling the purpose and function of building. Because we believe architecture can positively affect the quality of people’s lives. Architectural endeavor requires devoted passion, persistence and focused effort. The best results can be achieved when all parties involved in the project share the coherent values and goals.

Founded in 1995, over the past 22 years, we have learned to appreciate the incredible amount of devotion and effort required to produce something meaningful and helpful to society. We learned that achieving great architecture is possible when an architect works constantly maintaining optimistic temperament of mind like cultivating one’s spiritual sense.

Architecture is about understanding demands on a multilateral level but great architecture encourages human inspiration, better interaction, and promotes positive change to the surrounding communities. SKM Architects tries to reinforce the identity of the buildings to stay true to its own philosophy, vision and identity. A great work of architecture resonates with people the same way a piece of music or art would. SKM Architects always thrives on creating great works that will benefit everyone and convince the public to acknowledge and appreciate the important value of space.



SKM Architects has the expertise to provide full architectural design services, from concept design stage to construction supervision.

Our expert design skills also include interior design, exhibition design, master planning and urban design.

SKM Architects has a distinctive design philosophy and methodical approach to a broad range of projects in terms of types & sizes. We always seek best and elegant solutions to complex challenges. We are committed to be programmatic, financially practical and carefully scheduled to make a project successful.

Since its formation in 1995, SKM Architects has successfully undertaken and completed over 30 projects. The quality of SKM Architects’ works has been recognized by over 40 distinguished design awards and many prominent publications



All of our projects have been executed in well organized and successful relationship with consultants and clients in challenging circumstances across a variety of project types. We consider an alliance with client, consultants and contractors to be a fully collaborative and fluid joint venture across the entire delivery process. As a team, our members always have close and meaningful discussion about design strategy to share the common goal. Such respectable and collaborative culture is a key factor to keep the quality in place and a successful design which is coherent with intended goal.



SKM 철학

건축은 자연의 순리와 인간의 삶을 유기적으로 결합하는 일이라는 믿음 하에 정형화된 틀, 고정된 관념, 근거없는 편견, 익숙한 관행에 대해 의문을 가지고 새로운 관점에서 근원적인 질문을 던지며 우리들이 추구하는 성과물이 사고의 틀의 확장과 행동의 긍정적 변화를 가져올 수 있다는 믿음을 가지고 평소 해왔던 대로 하는 방식을 탈피하고 창의적 시각으로 새로운 잠재력과 가능성을 끊임없이 모색합니다.

건축적으로나 사회적으로 삶의 질을 향상시킬 수 있는 결과물을 생성할 수 있는 프로세스 자체를 중요시하며 실험성, 완성도, 생명력을 갖춘 건축적 성과물을 치밀하면서도 자유롭고 대담하며 끈기있게 구축해나갑니다.